IBOIS, the laboratory for timber construction of the EPFL, is directed by Professor Yves Weinand, engineer and architect, since October 2004. The laboratory undertakes research and teaching within the framework of the civil engineering section of the ENAC.

Practical and material orientated academic research has become increasingly important for architectural practice. This is due to several reasons. First of all, it contributes to contemporary concepts in architecture and improves their implementation. Today’s architects are looking for a deeper understanding of technical and technological questions related to architecture: technology, construction methods as well as structural considerations are no longer seen as bothersome necessities, as it was often the case in the past. The importance of those aspects and the potential of including them in the architectural design process as active stimulus are largely recognized. It’s the limitations in time and capacities that more often than not confound the realisation of such ambitions. Academic research can fill this gap and provide architectural practices with the necessary resources.

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Lectures at the 1st Rencontres Woodrise


Prof Weinand will give 3 conferences during the Woodrise Meetings ( Cross-border, intercantonal and interdepartmental meetings on the future of the forest and the wood industry) in Geneva

Conférence d'Yves Weinand à Marne la Vallée


Prof. Weinand is giving a lecture on Tuesday, the 11th December. at the Ecole d'architecture de la Ville & des Territoires de Marne-la-Vallée. Prof. Weinand has been invited to give a special lecture to architectural students follow

Lecture of Prof. Yves Weinand


Prof. Yves Weinand has been invited to join the conference cycle “Le champ des possible” the 6th December 2018 in Mons